Life Scope® G5Max

Life Scope G5Max

The Life Scope G5Max is the all-in-one solution ideal for mid/high acuity settings. Designed to help caregivers focus on patients instead of managing equipment, the G5Max features a sleek chassis with an easy-to-clean design, alarm management, Smart Cable™ connectivity and screen builder for optimal workflow. The monitor can be equipped with up to two remote independent displays, and provides comprehensive parameter monitoring with data storage, multi-waveform/multi-parameter full disclosure, arrhythmia and ST segment analysis, drug, hemodynamic and pulmonary calculations, and 12-lead ECGs. Data flows to the CNS-6801 Central Nursing Station and using the BSM-1700 Transport Monitor as the patient input allows for seamless data exchange between the host and the destination bedside monitors- including data collected during transport. Works with or without a Central Nursing Station.

Life Scope G5

Different areas throughout the hospital have different requirements for patient care. The Life Scope G5 can easily be programmed to different care settings using stored configurations and provides auto screen configuration. Clinicians can customize the monitor for each patient’s needs, reduce false alarms, seamlessly transport, see trends and get standard displays for fast, informed patient management. This is smart technology for high-quality patient-centered care.