The Origins of a Healthcare Leader

The Nihon Kohden story began in the late 1940s, when a young Japanese researcher observed an experiment performed on a small bird’s wings.

The experiment inspired Dr. Yoshio Ogino, who started imagining what could be achieved if he could bring the power of electrical engineering to medicine.

Driven by his vision, Dr. Ogino founded Nihon Kohden in 1951 with the goal of developing sophisticated electronic advancements that would revolutionize the way healthcare professionals fought disease.

Nihon Kohden’s initial product – the world’s first AC-powered eight-channel electroencephalogram (EEG) unit – completely changed the way healthcare professionals monitored and detected abnormalities in the brain, and firmly established the company as a leader in the precision medical products field.

The Origins of a Healthcare Leader

Redefining Care

Today, Nihon Kohden builds upon its history of excellence, providing high quality, reliable medical technology that improve the way healthcare is practiced and allow medical professionals to provide uncompromising care.

Our quality innovations are methodically researched and developed specifically to address the real-world needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. Following development of our initial advancement, Nihon Kohden has brought a number of innovations to healthcare, including the world’s first:

  • Pulse oximetry
  • Cerebral artery pressure meter
  • Digital, telemetry electrocardiograph (ECG), giving patients freedom of movement
  • Heart monitor that detected arrhythmia
  • Fetal monitor to use telemetry
  • Mainstream CO2 monitor for non-intubated patients

We are able to develop industry-changing innovations because – as an organization built and staffed by healthcare professionals – we understand the needs of healthcare professionals like few companies do.

A Breakthrough in Monitoring

Nihon Kohden researcher Takuo Aoyagi envisioned the principle of pulse oximetry. Less than a year after detailing his advancement, the company introduced the world’s first ear oximeter. While pulse oximetry revolutionized patient care, the company decided the technology was too valuable to healthcare to keep to itself. Today, all pulse oximeters are based on Dr. Aoyagi’s breakthrough.

Investing in Research and Innovation

Nihon Kohden continues to explore innovative research themes and conduct translational research that enhances the care of patients with acute and chronic health conditions. In addition to the Dr. Ogino Center in Japan, we’ve established the Nihon Kohden Innovation Centers in Cambridge, MA; Neurotronics in Gainesville, FL; and Labs in Irvine, CA.

We are Nihon Kohden, delivering different thinking for better healthcare.®