iNIBP™ Measuring Device

Blood pressure is a universal health metric essential in any health environment. However, in care settings where it is important to determine blood pressure quickly or frequently, traditional non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) devices can be cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Nihon Kohden is changing this dynamic for patients and healthcare providers with its inflation-based non-invasive blood pressure (iNIBP) measuring device.

Rather than inflating the cuff to a preset pressure and measuring blood pressure as the compression is released, Nihon Kohden’s iNIBP device automatically detects diastolic and systolic pressure while the cuff is inflating. Using this method, Nihon Kohden’s iNIBP cuff inflates only to what is necessary to determine a patient’s blood pressure, making it more comfortable. In addition, the iNIBP device can take readings up to 60 percent faster than traditional patient monitoring devices1, which could mean quicker patient interventions and improved patient outcomes across the hospital.

Because the iNIBP device applies minimum pressure, it can benefit patients prone to bruising or with sensitive skin, as well as those who need their blood pressure taken multiple times an hour2.

iNIBP blood pressure measuring devices work with the full line of Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope® patient monitors, including bedside, specialty and transport or telemetry monitors.



1 Jun Onodera, Yoshifumi Kotake et al. Validation of inflationary non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in adult surgical patients. J Anesth, 2011;25:127–130.

2 Archer LJ, Smith AJ. Blood pressure measurement in volunteers with and without padding between the cuff and skin. Anaesthesia. 2001;56(9):847-9.