10", 12", or 15" Monitor Options

Premium-as-Standard Design.

Every patient deserves the highest standard of care. Nihon Kohden's premium-as-standard philosophy is the belief that every monitor should be fully appointed with features - both standard and premium - unlocked and ready to use at a moment's notice. This ensures that our technology can be employed in the broadest range of acuity levels and seamlessly transition between care areas as patient need dictates.

No patient monitoring system can be complete without an integrated transport solution. The unique design of the Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) and BSM-1700 transport unit redefines transport monitoring. It is compact, has memory expansion and moves with the patient. The BSM-1700 easily integrates with the BSM-6000 Series monitors. During transport, simply remove the BSM-1700 and transport the patient without worrying about disconnecting or reconnecting cables. At the conclusion of transporting the patient, simply connect the BSM-1700 to another host monitor and maintain a seamless patient record throughout the patient stay.

To optimize your investment, all Nihon Kohden bedside monitors include a 5-year parts and labor warranty, software enhancements and upgrades, and 24/7 clinical and technical support, providing unsurpassed quality, reliability and customer support.

Only Nihon Kohden offers complete, integrated multi-modality products that serve patients across all care areas. We bring clinical solutions that provide access to a deeper, more comprehensive level of information, enabling more accurate diagnoses and ultimately, better outcomes.