The Ally in Uncompromising Care

In today’s rapidly shifting healthcare environment, providers across the spectrum – from the smallest practices to the largest health systems – need allies capable of helping them deliver the highest quality of care for patients while simultaneously fostering marketplace efficiencies.

Nihon Kohden is that ally.

A leader in precision medical products and services, Nihon Kohden offers unrivaled technology that works across the healthcare continuum and realizes our premium-as-standard philosophy, allowing providers to deliver care without compromise to every patient in every medical situation. And every alliance realizes our commitment to providing industry-leading quality, reliability and customer service.

Relentless Dedication to Quality

Quality beats at the heart of everything we do at Nihon Kohden, reflected in our reliable products, unmatched customer service and exclusive consultative approach.

Quality begins in our dedicated Tomioka production facility, where every part is meticulously handcrafted, inspected and tested by a devoted team. No part leaves the facility without a Made in Tomioka stamp of approval. Because at Nihon Kohden, we know that quality is imperative when a patient’s life hangs in the balance.

Delivering Unwavering Reliability

Every patient could be the one – the patient who takes a turn for the worse when it’s least expected. Because of this, providers need to know that equipment will work as they need it to every single time.

This understanding has driven Nihon Kohden to develop the most reliable precision medical equipment in healthcare today. Our products have worked uninterrupted for years, offering providers a peace of mind not found in other brands.

Customer Support with Heart

At Nihon Kohden, we believe every patient should receive care without compromise. But this promise cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Only by working together can we deliver the care patients need.

That’s why we see every provider as allies in care. And, as allies, we work hand-in-hand with each organization through consultation, installation and training, and offer unrivaled customer support throughout the life of our products.

Because once you buy a Nihon Kohden product, you buy the strength and support of our entire organization.