OLG-3800 Capnography Monitor

Mainstream Capnography and SpO2 Monitoring

Portable Respiratory Mainstream CO2 Monitoring for Intubated and Non-intubated Patients:

  • Two Smart Cable™ ports for cap-ONE®and SpO2 sensors
  • Designed for advanced respiratory assessments during:
    • Anesthesia/Respiratory care
    • PCA or opioid use
    • Procedural sedation including endoscopy
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Compact design with high-resolution color touch screen, can be viewed across the room
  • Quick CO2 measurement start with no sensor calibration needed
  • Battery operation for portable use
  • Patient data can quickly be retrieved for up to 120 hrs with trend and Full Disclosure smart graphics
  • Connect to Central Station or use inter-bed for enhanced remote viewing
  • Audible cues for intuitive respiratory care

With 7” Color touch screen, you get easy reliable access to respiratory monitoring status. It’s the key to providing safe and effective care — from a patient under sedation during a procedure to monitoring a patient on the general care floor. With a combination of CapOne capnography and Nihon Khoden SpO2 pulse oximetry technologies. Continuous monitoring of etCO2, respiration rate, and SpO2. In virtually any clinical setting. It brings certainty where it matters most.