ViTrac® Remote Viewing

ViTrac remote viewing is the latest advancement in monitoring technology, allowing providers to view patient data remotely and coordinate care with on-site clinicians. Developed for use with iOS devices, the ViTrac application offers a secure method for remotely viewing a range of Nihon Kohden–generated patient data.

Offering data at your fingertips, the ViTrac application:

  • Provides a secure method for viewing a range of Nihon Kohden–generated patient data that empowers clinicians to make timely decisions and supports quality of care
  • Offers a continuous and simultaneous display of data for up to 12 patients on iPad® devices and up to eight patients on iPhone® devices
  • Offers a robust, easy-to-use interface, which allows users to see current waveforms, vital signs, stored data and much more

Part of the NK-HiQ™ Enterprise Gateway platform, the ViTrac remote viewing application includes all required software to provide clinicians with secure remote access to patient data from Life Scope® patient monitors.