NK-HiQ™ ECG Server Extension

Designed to improve monitoring accessibility, the NK-HiQ ECG Server Extension receives diagnostic-quality 12-lead ECG waveform data directly from bedside monitors when a test is complete and stores it for up to 72 hours for retrieval.

The latest in data management integration, the NK-HiQ ECG Server Extension:

  • Captures interpretive 12-lead ECGs performed on compatible Life Scope® bedside monitors and forwards them to the appropriate application using Nihon Kohden’s ECG format
  • Translates ECG data into the host system’s native format and transfers them to the host system
  • Allows translated ECGs to be seen and handled by the host system as if they originated on their own proprietary devices, and may be stored, recalled, edited and printed just like any other ECG in the host system

Part of the NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway platform, the NK-HiQ ECG Server Extension includes all software, hardware and professional services necessary to facilitate the transfer of 12-lead ECG data between Life Scope®patient monitors and the hospital data management system.