NK-HiQ™ Wireless Server Extension

Designed to facilitate data acquisition and management throughout a hospital, the NK-HiQ Wireless Server Extension enables Nihon Kohden WLAN patient monitors to leverage a hospital’s WiFi infrastructure investment or operate on a stand-alone Nihon Kohden wireless network in a smart, safe and secure manner.

Offering true WiFi for continuous monitoring, the NK-HiQ Wireless Server Extension:

  • Enables expansion of telemetry monitoring throughout the hospital, which promotes patient ambulation, a critical factor that may decrease the length of stay and improve outcomes1
  • Offers complete and continuous data collection even during transport, which can be one of the most dangerous times for critically ill patients2
  • Leverages 802.11 infrastructure, vastly reducing the cost of deployment3

Part of the NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway platform, the NK-HiQ Wireless Server Extension includes all required software to allow for wireless transfer of information between Life Scope® monitoring devices and the Central Station.




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