NK-HiQ™ Pager Server Extension

Designed to improve alarm response and workflow, the NK-HiQ Pager Server Extension forwards alarm and arrhythmia notifications to third-party communication devices. The server extension allows for alarm notifications to be sent to the appropriate clinicians via mobile devices, supporting a timely response to actionable alarms.

Created to help hospitals and health systems achieve their alarm management and safety plans, as required by The Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals, the NK-HiQ Pager Server Extension alarm information includes:

  • Patient name
  • Patient ID
  • Room number/name
  • Alarm violation type
  • Vital signs
  • Waveform image

Part of the NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway platform, the NK-HiQ Pager Server Extension includes all the software to allow alarm information for the entire monitoring system to be forwarded to a third-party alarm notification controller system.