NKV-550 Series Ventilator System

The NKV550 ventilator is designed to provide all the essential capabilities required by clinicians for ventilating adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Seamless transition between invasive and noninvasive ventilation as well as high flow oxygen therapy helps optimize the workflow of the clinician as changing ventilation approaches does not require a change of ventilator. Our App based functions are designed to guide the clinician through the various maneuvers and procedures that are needed to perform in a systematic and userfriendly manner. With a development team that has more than 400 years of combined ventilation experience, we are deeply committed to providing Clinically Relevant Solutions and Optimizing Patient Care. 

Treasure Every Breath.


Workflow Optimization

The NKV550 assists the clinician in optimizing their workflow. The intuitive and configurable user interface can be easily customized so that the information presented on the screen is the most meaningful for the clinician. Our App based design provides guided processes such as Open or Inline Airway Suction, Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT), P0.1, Video and Screen capture, and a suite of lung protection Apps to help create a more streamlined systematic way for each clinician to optimize the care of their patient. New Apps can easily be added to the ventilator via USB, providing the clinician with even more value over time. A convenient Help function provides helpful detail about the features, parameters and alarms.



Lung Protection

The NKV-550 Series Ventilator System provides the tools that allow clinicians to provide protective ventilation to their patients. The body weight calculator assists the clinician in setting an appropriate tidal volume strategy. With monitoring of tidal volume in ml/kg and estimated driving pressure breath to breath, clinicians can better ensure that they are ventilating their patients in a protective way. A tidal volume alarm based on ml/kg provides an additional layer of protection to the patient.

Lung recruitment has been a focused area of study for many years and various tools have been developed to assist the clinician in performing a recruitment maneuver. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of lung recruitment1. Despite this evidence, a recent publication revealed that only 1 in 5 ARDS patients have had a recruitment maneuver performed during their course of treatment2.

Gentle Lung® is a suite of lung recruitment applications that are available on the NKV-550 and are designed to provide a simple, systematic method for both assessing whether a patient may benefit from a recruitment maneuver (i.e. Recruitability Assessment App) and if so, provides the Recruitment Maneuver and PEEP-Titration Apps to help guide the clinician in performing these maneuvers. A transpulmonary pressure App is also available.



"The response to increased PEEP varies widely in patients with ARDS: some accrue large reductions in collapsed lung while others exhibit minimal lung recruitment. A secondary analysis of these trials showed that a favorable physiological response to PEEP predicates lower mortality."


- Goligher Lancet 2016



"Only 1 in 5 ARDS patients (20.9%) had recruitment maneuvers."


- Belleni JAMA 2016


Infection Control

The NKV-550 Series Ventilator System offers Protective Control® for clinicians treating patients with contagious diseases in strict isolation, and for patients undergoing a radiologic procedure. The NKV-550 ventilator allows the clinician to connect a second graphic user interface (second GUI) to the ventilator’s main unit which can be positioned behind an observation window outside the patient’s room. This allows the clinician to view the ventilator monitors and alarms, adjust ventilation and alarm settings, and make timely critical interventions while monitoring the patient from the observation window.


The NKV-550 Series Ventilator provides a RS-232 serial communication port for connectivity to patient monitors and HIS/CIS HL7. There is also a Nurse Call connection.

Minimal Maintenance

The NKV-550 is designed to have minimal maintenance requirements. Preventive maintenance is performed every 2 yrs. at which time various filters and rubber/silicone components are replaced. A PM reminder will be displayed on the GUI when this maintenance is due. The oxygen sensor is replaced yearly. The backup battery and extended battery are replaced every 2 yrs. All maintenance can be performed without having to remove the top cover.



1. Kacmarek Crit Care Med 2016

2. Belleni JAMA 2016


Gentle Lung® and Protective Control® are registered trademark for Nihon Kohden OrangeMed.