Life Scope® G9 Bedside Monitor

Nihon Kohden’s all inclusive  monitoring philosophy continues with the Life Scope G9. This full-featured system provides comprehensive parameter monitoring with data storage, including multi- waveform/multi-parameter full disclosure, comprehensive arrhythmia and  ST segment analysis. It also includes a 12-lead ECG capability, and  drug, hemodynamic and pulmonary calculations that  ensure a high standard of monitoring care across patient conditions. 

With drag-and-drop customizable caregiver- specific display options, the G9 can be personalized to each patient and  caregiver regardless of the patient’s health status or setting within the hospital — giving  care teams the confidence that  they have the right monitoring solution for each patient, every time.

Designed with quick  clinical access in mind, one or two clicks allow  you to view the most important information associated with any monitored parameter for quicker assessment and  intervention, depending on your patient’s condition.

Maintaining a high standard of monitoring care, even during  transport, is ensured with the G9 and Life Scope PT. Using the Life Scope PT as an input box, your patient is transferred with all G9 monitored parameters that  are uploaded to the new care area bedside display, creating one seamless patient record for enhanced workflow and care  coordination.