Nihon Kohden offers enabling technologies to support your hospital’s decision support, security and interoperability needs. NeuroWorkbench® is the core integrator of the Nihon Kohden neurology product portfolio of EEG, EMG and IOM systems. This common interface allows for examination scheduling, protocol administration and data management improving workflow and access to clinical data and records.

NeuroWorkbench(NWB) is designed to make your patient’s data secure. The HIPAA compliant features include individual role based logon and user rights, an audit trail, auto logoff and password protected functions such as archive and delete. Active directory support within NWB provides a central location for network administration and security as well as a means for administrators to assign policies, deploy and update software.

The customized and powerful NeuroWorkbench SQL database program provides you with tools for easy creation of physician, technician and administrative NeuroReports™.

An optional HL7 program provides communication between NWB and other hospital information systems using HL7messages. These include:

  • Patient registration which registers patient information to NWB
  • Reservation to schedule examinations in the NWB program
  • Reporting which sends out reports generated by NeuroReport