Nihon Kohden and Neuralynx Expand the Recording of Human Electrophysiology through Integrated Clinical and Research Data Collection

Nihon Kohden has partnered with Neuralynx, Inc. to simultaneously record up to 256 channels for both clinical EEG and human single neuron research applications. By linking the Nihon Kohden JE-120 high density EEG amplifier with the Neuralynx ATLAS Neurophysiology System, users may now record at independent sample frequencies up to 10 kHz clinically and 40 kHz for research with independent data streams in a variety of data file formats. Easy access to connect/disconnect the ATLAS research system ensures continuous clinical data collection without interruption.

As the adoption of academic research into clinical practice accelerates, Nihon Kohden and Neuralynx are bridging the research-to-clinical gap to improve patient outcomes.


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