Life Scope® Central Station and NK-HiQ™ NGNK Remote Monitoring Station

As the heart of the Nihon Kohden Patient Monitoring System, the Life Scope Central Station provides comprehensive patient monitoring and review of up to 32 patients using two displays. The full-featured system is designed to ensure critical data is always available for each patient throughout a hospital stay. The Central Station also supports a complete patient record by facilitating patient data transfer between multiple departments.

Many of the Life Scope Central Station features can also be accessed using the NK-HiQ NGNK Remote Monitoring Station, which allows for the secondary monitoring of up to 16 patients.

Together, Life Scope Central Station and NK-HiQ NGNK Remote Monitoring Station offer powerful patient monitoring in a smart, safe and secure manner:


  • One admit, one discharge — patient data flows seamlessly and securely throughout the enterprise
  • Flexible monitoring with patient-tile customization and device-assignment capability
  • Simplified and improved workflow with Send to EMR support


  • Intuitive, real-time management of monitored data from multiple locations
  • Display of wandering and fall detection icons generated by wearable monitors
  • Expanded data review capability


  • Microsoft Windows® 10 secure operating system
  • Comprehensive integration with hospital enterprise system
  • Software upgrades and security updates included