Prefense EDNS-9001 Early Detection and Notification System with EtCO₂

The Prefense® System tracks in real time 4 out of the 7 key triggers (Respiration rate from EtCO2 or impedance, oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate (HR), and blood pressure (NIBP)) that are early indicators of patient deterioration, allowing for faster intervention by clinical staff. An advanced smoothing algorithm has been incorporated into the system to "smooth out" anomalies and provide an accurate representation of a patient's condition. The combination of the Prefense System and smoothing algorithm now provides constant surveillance while reducing false alarms by greater than 80%.

With the addition of EtCO2 Prefense is the ideal surveillance system to monitor post surgical at risk patients during PCA administration.

Prefense—Early Detection and Notification System include a Prefense main unit, LCD display, keyboard, mouse, uninterruptable power supply, and telemetry receivers for the appropriate number of patients.