Trackit Ambulatory EEG

Trackit™ T4A

Designed for patient comfort, the T4A is the smallest, lightest and most efficient TrackIt amplifier created by lifelines neuro. Smaller, powerful, and more efficient than its predecessor, and still designed to be resilient enough to perform studies several days long for children and adult patients.


  • Weighing just 12 ounces (350g), including batteries, the T4A comes with a sturdy, yet soft, water-resistant bag that complies with the rigorous IP22 standards demanded for home use, and can be worn comfortably by adults and children alike.
  • Designed and built for tough ambulatory use.
  • 28 monopolar touch-proof inputs with 4 configurable bipolar touch-proof inputs for a total of 32 EEG channels.



  • Up to 3 days of ambulatory EEG without the need to change batteries with synchronized video recording.
  • Full 10-20 EEG plus 4 user-configurable monopolar/bipolar/DC channels.
  • Clock, recording time, battery charge and memory status all conveniently shown on LCD display.
  • Software-integrated file conversion from BDF to Nihon Kohden file format.



  • Patient-activated time-stamped events during recording.
  • Replaceable, rechargeable batteries and charger included.
  • Recordings stored on a full-size SD card for ease of use (included).
  • Bluetooth connectivity for synchronized video recording.
  • Built-in electrode impedance check.
  • EEG recorded in Biosense Data Format (BDF).
  • Transmits data either wirelessly or wired.
  • Battery or USB power option.