NK AWS-S200™ Video Laryngoscope

The NK AWS-S200 video laryngoscope is the latest advancement Nihon Kohden has brought to market to directly address the needs of healthcare providers and protect clinicians during a public health threat. The NK AWS-S200 video laryngoscope is designed for the safe and secure intubation of patients in even the most difficult situations. The NK AWS-S200 may help protect clinicians from infectious aerosols by supporting rapid video intubation of patients with respiratory infections.




Offers a significantly shorter median time to intubation in difficult airways (22.9 seconds; interquartile range=19.5–24.9 s) which is up to 33 seconds faster than other devices 1

• Guides healthcare providers of all skill levels through intubation with clear on-screen crosshairs

• Provides a superior laryngeal view compared to other devices 2, ensuring reliable tracheal intubation with its high-definition color LCD

• Eliminates the need for a stylet with a tube guide groove built into the disposable blades, which also include a hole for a suction catheter (large adult blade only)



• Reduces exposure and prioritizes oxygenation in patients suffering from COVID-19 or critical patients who require intubation by limiting exposure to infectious aerosols 3 and minimizing the likelihood of failed intubation 4

• Provides a better view of vocal cords, faster intubation time and higher success rate than other laryngoscopes in patients with cervical spine immobilization 5

• Enables clinicians to perform tracheal intubation without interrupting CPR in both normal and difficult airways 6

• Can reduce the risk of oral and pharyngeal injury, including mild mucosal bleeding and sore throat,7 because of the built-in channel to guide the endotracheal tube and the ability to continuously observe the intubation procedure

• Reduces the potential for cross contamination with sterile disposable blades and efficient sterilization with alcohol or CIDEX®


NK AWS-S200™ Video Laryngoscope 



• Allows tracheal intubation to be performed without extending the neck, ensuring airway management can be safely performed for patients with trauma and suspected spinal cord injuries 8

• Supports external LCD monitors or video recording devices to provide a larger view of the larynx and glottis

• Designed for extended continuous use on AA batteries and waterproof construction allows it to be used outdoors even in the rain

• Offers four different sizes of NK PBLADE® disposable blades for use in patients from neonate through adult