Neurology BioMed Service Seminars

Nihon Kohden America Service Seminars are intended to provide attendees with a working knowledge of the Nihon Kohden Digital Systems for the purpose of equipment malfunction identification and correction. This seminar will be at system analysis level utilizing troubleshooting techniques including Software diagnostics, board level replacements and hardware exchange programs.

The EEG/PSG Service Seminar for the EEG-1200 and 9000 series systems will include, system operations, Signal and data flow analysis, hardware/software installation and configuration, symptom analysis and troubleshooting techniques. A basic introduction into EEG will also be presented.

The IOM/EMG Service seminar will also cover operation, system configuration (standard and optional) both software and hardware, block diagram signal flow analysis, symptom analysis troubleshooting techniques and disassembly. A basic introduction to IOM/EEG will also be presented.