Nihon Kohden's Commitment to Promoting Product Security

At Nihon Kohden, we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing medical devices that our customers can trust.This dedication is at the heart of our management philosophy of “contributing to the world by fighting disease and improving health with advanced technology.”

The use of newer technologies and rapid advances in IT technology in recent years has rapidly transformed the healthcare landscape and streamlined patient care.While these changes have helped improve the quality of patient care, they have also created growing threats to IT security through cyberattacks.

Addressing the challenge of cybersecurity plays an integral part in how we design and develop our products.It is our commitment to engineer products with cybersecurity in mind, and to evaluate and respond to new threats or vulnerabilities.


To fulfill our commitment to security, we continuously build our capabilities to:


  • We proactively scan for vulnerabilities, leveraging our global resources and cybersecurity task


  • Our cybersecurity taskforce evaluates each real or potential threat using a rigorous process to assess and prioritize security issues, and then determines the requisite course of action and mitigation measures, if applicable


  • Throughout this cycle, we collaborate with our customers to communicate evaluation outcomes and next steps
  • Customers are encouraged to check the product patch link to view the latest operating system patches

In addition, we dynamically adapt our product design with an enterprise data protection framework.Enhanced cybersecurity requires a concerted effort by everyone.At Nihon Kohden, we recognize that our products’ security is just one element of a comprehensive security landscape.We are committed to working with our customers to help implement a multi-layered security strategy.


Nihon Kohden OS Patch Validation: