Connected. Flexible. Simple


The NomadAir provides sleep specialists with a flexible Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) solution that improves workflow efficiency and access to data.

NomadAir recordings are automatically uploaded to the sleep lab using integrated cellular capability and cloud technology without requiring apps or additional equipment. Patient files are received prior to getting the device back to the lab.  Recordings are automatically updated to the database providing faster access to data. 



Depending on the study parameters, NomadAir can be wrist or chest mounted.  Wrist configuration records actigraphy for TST calculations.  Includes pressure signal (PAP compatible), snore, SpO2, pulse, plethysmography signal, and RIP belt.  Chest configuration includes pressure signal (PAP compatible), snore, SpO2, pulse, plethysmography signal, RIP belt, body position, and Poly channel.

NomadAir can initiate a study either at a specific time or by using SmartStart.  SmartStart initiates a NomadAir recording when valid signals are detected.

A rotating light pattern informs the patient of a successful study.  NomadAir can automatically schedule an additional recording night if the user defined valid data is not met. NomadAir can record up to 3 nights of data on a single AA battery. 


NomadAir is fully integrated into the Polysmith software suite, allowing providers to record, score/analyze/review raw data, and generate customizable sleep reports for both In-Lab and HSAT studies. Polysmith provides easier study tracking with customizable workflows including HL7 integration for scheduling and EMR results/reports.