Nihon Kohden continues its dedication to sleep with high-end Polysomnographic solutions. The PSG-1100 system helps the clinician diagnose patients with complex sleep disorders and co-morbidities. With a full 10-20 montage, 8 bipolar inputs, 6 DC channels (expandable to 14), bedside impedance checking, designated channels for EOG, chin, and 3 ECG channels with a dedicated reference, the PSG-1100 is designed for ease of use and built to the highest electronics standards. The PSG-1100 amplifier is IP addressable and has built-in pressure transducer, SpO2 and EtCO2 capabilities allowing for a single point of disconnect for the patient.

Nihon Kohden’s core competence in patient monitoring gives us the ability to integrate our advanced technology into sleep solutions. The PSG-1100 system also works with the TG-970P, Nihon Kohden’s latest cap-ONE (Capnography – Oral Nasal Expiration) technology. The TG-970P is a direct flow capnography sensor weighing only 4 grams that can be used in intubated and non-intubated applications. The TG-970P offers unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. CO2 values and waveforms can be monitored with no delays via the Polysmith software.

The PSG-1100 system and Polysmith software offer an integrated and scalable solution for the most demanding patient populations.