Neuropack® S3 Neurodiagnostic System

Maximum Diagnostics, Minimum Footprint

The foundation of effective neurodiagnostic testing is a system that can provide a full complement of neurodiagnostic tests while also offering the quality needed to analyze and monitor nervous system function. The Neuropack S3 combines Nihon Kohden’s gold-standard amplifiers with time-saving and easy-to-use clinical software, bringing neurodiagnostic labs a feature-rich system that provides cleaner, easier and faster data.


  • State-of-the-art low-noise amplifier with 18-bit A/D converters and artifact-reduction softwareprovides clean waveforms
  • Built-in rejection ratios of 110 dB or greater (differential mode) and 112 dB or greater (isolation mode) limit variations in signals
  • Electrode input impedance of 200 MΩ ±20% helps ensure clean signals


  • On-screen examination guide directs electrode and stimulation placement for smooth and efficient examinations
  • HL7® gateway integration helps ensure quick flow of information and streamlines workflow
  • Intuitive control panel and stimulators aid in acquiring and progressing through studies


  • Customizable protocols shorten examination time
  • One-click report generation produces print-ready reports with customized logos, test results, exam waveforms and highlighted abnormal values
  • Proprietary all-in-one NCS program performs MCS, SCS and F-wave for quick examinations
  • Customized auto-copy settings allow waveforms to be stored and automatically transferred to long-term storage