Life Scope® G3 Series

Ambulation has long been accepted as an essential part of recovery in a hospital that may decrease the length of stay and improve outcomes.Unfortunately, ambulation can be hindered by the need to ensure continuous patient monitoring.

The Life Scope G3 series of patient monitors offers the best of all worlds: A specialty patient monitor that can be used to stabilize a patient in place, if needed, with a compact design that allows for ease of movement.

Available with three levels of functionality, the Life Scope G3 delivers early progressive ambulation in a smart, safe and secure package:


  • True WiFi capabilities for safe patient monitoring
  • Maintains a comprehensive patient record with up to 15-minute data backfill in the event of wireless coverage loss
  • Automatically switches to local monitoring mode during WiFi coverage loss


  • Premium as standard philosophy; all devices are fully featured, including arrhythmia analysis and full disclosure
  • Helps detect falls and wandering with a proprietary algorithm
  • Enables expansion of ambulatory monitoring throughout the hospital


  • Complies with current wireless security protocols, including 802.1X and WPA2 Enterprise with AES encryption and EAP authentication
  • Seamless integration with the hospital enterprise system, with authorized access to data on the Nihon Kohden network
  • Software upgrades and security updates included for the life of the equipment




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