Multi-Gas Unit

Innovative Anesthesia Monitoring Solutions

The GF-210RA Multi-Gas Unit connects to our BSM-6000 and BSM-9000 series monitors to provide a complete anesthesia monitoring solution.

The GF-210RA Multi-Gas Unit provides you with quick and accurate measurement of anesthesia gases including CO2, N2O, O2, up to two anesthetic agents (automatically selected from Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane) and respiration rate.

Quick access windows display five waveforms (O2, CO2, N2O and two agents) with easy-to-view numerical data color-coded to match each waveform; comprehensive graphic trends of all parameters; a tabular data list that gives you minute-by-minute values of all anesthetic agents, gases and vital signs; and a user-selectable alarm for all parameters.