Complete Care For Your Network Systems

Maintaining and securing your network is essential for a hospital or health system. Not only does it help protect essential information, but it can also ensure that critical patient monitors are operating correctly.

But the various systems needed to support this work are often patched together from different companies. And when the IT team needs assistance integrating the systems with existing hardware and software, they must call multiple companies for a solution.

At Nihon Kohden, we believe there should be a better way. That’s why we have developed NK Network Care, an all-inclusive solution that bundles critical network maintenance and security systems together and helps you maximize your network systems.


The NK Network Care Difference

  • Network Management System (NMS)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Network Threat Appliance (NTA)


NK Network Care offers NMS, SIEM and NTA from leading companies in an all-in-one solution. All three platforms have already been tested and vetted to ensure they work harmoniously with Nihon Kohden hardware and software. And best of all, if you have an issue with any one of them, Nihon Kohden will help you resolve it—all with one quick call.

NK Network Care

NK Network Care Benefits

  • Maximum Results — Each system is fully integrated without impacting performance of functionality of your monitoring equipment
  • Complete Solution — Receive NTA, NMS and SIEM capabilities from top companies in one solution
  • Trusted Security — Maintain a safe, secure environment with trusted software
  • Real-time Access — Ensure up-to-date information on the status and security of your hardware and software
  • Faster Resolution — Proactively identify and resolve issues before you are even aware of it with limited impact on resources